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14 December 2007 @ 08:43 pm
[FIC] Dr. Brad  
A Weiss Kreuz (CRACK/SMUT)fic I started before. Still in-progress though. Actually, frozen since I'm too lazy to continue it.^^ Just thought I'd share it to you guys. lol

Title: Dr. Brad
Author: secretfangirl
Genre: Humor, Crack, Smut
Pairing/Characters: BradxSchuldig, everybody elseXeverybody else
Fandom: Weiss Kreuz
Rating: For Chapter 1, G
Warning: Good ol' Yaoi Smut.

Dr. Brad
Chapter I: Help!

Humid… flaming red… the whole atmosphere was a reincarnation of hell.

Hot. It was so damn hot.

He wiped the beads of sweat forming on his forehead. What kind of place is this?

No windows. Dark colors everywhere. No air conditioner, or a friggin’ electric fan, for God’s sake.

I can’t breathe in this…room…can’t…must get outta…here…

Just as the boy reached for the door, another man stepped in, persuading him to sit back in his chair.

He peered at the older man who had sat down and shuffled with a file or two…facing him, studying him, unveiling him. He was an extraordinary man. Weird, if you think of it. His eyes had a semblance of snow, cold and piercing… so contradicting the flames embracing this tiny office. What’s more? He was wearing a fucking fur coat.

The boy’s staring game was cut short when the man looked at him as if he just noticed him, for the first time.

“Perhaps you’d care for a cup of lust?” the master asked, a mischievous grin tugging on his mouth.

The boy shook his head. What the hell is lust?

“No?” He answered in surprise. Then, he laughed, and added, “I know what you want! Milk. That’s it! MILK…” More laughter.

Moron… Are all sex counselors really like this?

“Well, don’t just sit there!” The counselor’s voice boomed. “Do you even talk, boy?”

At this, the young lad slightly trembled. He was a bit hesitant before the words came pouring out. “I just… I just wanna know bout…you know…”

“You know?” The words dribbled in the doctor’s mouth. “I do not know about what you know…”

“I just want your help, okay?”

Silence. The heat continued to choke the boy, and he couldn’t help but pant helplessly as the doctor murdered him with eyes so terribly, terribly inhuman.

“How old are you?”

The boy coughed. “Uh, nineteen, sir…” Well, it’s a bit closer.

“Very well…I will attend to your case,” the doctor concluded, smiling at him.

The boy returned the feeling, taking a glimpse at the plaque on the mahogany desk…

Dr. Brad Crawford, M.D. …

Enjoyed it? Please scream. =3
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